Riga is probably the best place to do a stag party. Here you will find many activities and some ideas for a great stag party. They also provide packages.

If you are in a process of organization a stag party, than this is the right place. Here you will find all information you will need and also you can just buy a stag party package and enjoy your holidays!



You won’t believe it but research has shown that every man needs at least two nights out in a week with his friends in order to enjoy a healthy life. Your girl is definitely the most important person in your life but your friends also deserve your time and attention. The best girlfriend is one who would willingly allow her better half to have fun with his friends when she can have with hers. Ever imagined what your dream night out with your friends is like? Just before you enter into marriage you definitely need to enjoy your last night out with your friends just the way you dreamt about it all these years.

Stag’s Party

The ultimate answer to all your dreams is a stag’s party.  A night filled with fun, mischief and loads of memories before you tie the knot and take up responsibilities. The best place to enjoy your bachelor party in without any doubt Riga. It is the largest city in Baltic region and is known for being a favorite party resort of people not only from Europe but also from other parts of the globe. A number of companies offer amazing packages to help you enjoy the best parties in the world exactly the way you dreamt about them. You don’t need a reason to throw a stag’s party as you can simply team up with your favorite boys and travel to Riga to be part of the most awesome party of your life. It is an awe-inspiringly beautiful place which offers a number of marvelous fun-filled activities and a beautiful view of old monumental buildings. Thus, this place is a beautiful combination of heritage and modernism where your parties can experience all the colors of fun and mad joy. As they say, no one parties like Riga stags do.

Partying with Smileriga

Are you ready to experience the best Riga stag weekend known to the history of mankind? Then, you certainly need to book your weekend with the best team, set to color your weekends with mad times and help you make unforgettable memories, known as Smileriga. This is what every Riga stag would do because they all know that this company offers the most marvelous and fascinating parties where you can customize things according to your own will by choosing activities that you want to include in your party or enjoy a Riga stag weekend by simply choosing one of the readymade packages. These packages have a collection of enchanting and entertaining ventures that are surely going to change your perception about parties. The best part about Smileriga is that it charges the most minimal rates but promises to give you maximum enjoyment. You can have twice as much fun with Smileriga as other companies have to offer with almost half the price.


They say life is too short to have any regrets so one should smile and have fun. You should start taking this quote seriously and learn to have fun while you can. Remember tomorrow time might not allow you to enjoy good times with your men, so just make a plan to party in Riga right away.